Wills and Trusts

Helping you leave a legacy to your family

Why You Should Complete your estate plan


If you don’t, the State of Nebraska will decide who your estate will go to and how much they will receive.


If you and your spouse leave behind minor children, the State will decide who their guardian will be.


Not having an estate plan causes an incredible amount of family feuds after you are gone.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind about your legacy to your family


Feel secure about who will care for your minor children


Be confident about where your property will go

- Note from Lucrece -

As a licensed Nebraska attorney, I can tell you that preparing an Estate Plan is more than a piece of paper… It protects against the unknown and secures your legacy to your children.

Don’t let procrastination or busyness stop you. Our 3 Step Process is simple and easy and by the end you will have peace of mind for your family.


Impressed with how soon we were able to get in and get our will done with Bundy Law.


Lucrece was very knowledgeable and able to explain a revocable trust in plain English.

Your Adoption Finalization Process

Step 1

Schedule A Meeting

Step 2

Decide What Estate Plan Documents You Would Like

Step 3

Receive Your Estate Plan And Leave A Legacy To Your Family

Our Promise To You




What to Expect From A Meeting

fill out the worksheets emailed to you before the meeting

learn the different estate plan documents available to you

decide the estate plan that best fits your family needs

Common Questions about Estate Planning

What is a trust?

There are many different types of trusts.  Generally, a trust is a document that operates like a holding place for the assets you choose to put in it.  It affords you the flexibility to be as creative as you want regarding how your assets are distributed when you pass away.

Do I really need a will? My family already knows what I want when I pass away.

Yes, you really need a will.  Your family members are not obligated to anything they agree to while you are alive if it’s in signed writing.  Even if they keep with their agreements to you, the State will still step in.

My kids are great kids. They wont' fight over my stuff when I pass away.

That may be true. However, people who pass away without an estate plan help create more family feuds than they realize. My advice is to prepare your estate plan and explain to your kids that you expect them to be civil when you pass away.