Terminating Biological Fathers’ Rights For a Stepparent Adoption

Can a parent’s rights be terminated without their agreement when it comes to a stepparent adoption in Nebraska. Well, in this video, we’ll find out if that’s possible and how we can happen for the best adoption advice in Nebraska. Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button to be notified. When I post a new video every Wednesday, I am an adoption attorney and I have helped a lot of Nebraska families complete their stepparent adoption successfully. Now what’s your attorney. So in this video, I’m talking specifically about biological dads who were not married to the mom when they had the child. So if the dad’s name is not listed on the child’s birth certificate, when, um, you know, family is thinking about doing a stepparent adoption, the first thing that has to happen is that they have to let that dad know about the adoption. He has the right to know.


Now, if he’s not on the birth certificate, what happens is that he has five business days to respond after he gets notice of the adoption. And he has to respond directly to the Nebraska department of health and human services. And he has to let them know what he wants to do is see that okay. With it. Is he okay with it? Whichever way he wants to go about it. So comment below, let me know if you are in the situation that I’m talking about in this video, I’d love to hear from you. Now, if the biological dad doesn’t do anything after he gets notice of the adoption, then his rights are automatically terminated and you can just move on with the adoption. I know it sounds really simple, but it really is that simple. Now this is not the same thing. When you’re dealing with a biological dad who is not an anniversary ticket, but is very active in the child’s life.


Okay? The law treats that dad very differently because even though his name is not on the birth certificate, the law is looking at his relationship with the child right now. So in this video, all I’m covering is a dad who is not listed on the birth certificate and who has not seen the kid in a long time and who doesn’t even care to have any contact with the kid.

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