Lucrece Bundy, esq. June 1, 2020

Stepparent Adoption Forms: Where Can You Find Them?


So a lot of people ask me about how to get stepparent adoption forms because most of the time they’re looking for the least expensive way to get their stepparent adoption completed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for us lawyers) it is really hard to find stepparent adoption forms and the reason why is because the stepparent adoption is a termination of a constitutional right of a parent to their child.

It’s a really big deal.

So it’s not an instance like a Will where you can go to Legal zoom and receive a printed template. You have to be able to prove why that parent’s rights should be terminated.

In addition to the termination of parental rights, every family who is looking into stepparent adoption has a unique situation. Here a few examples:

Example 1: Mom was married to the biological dad when they had their child. Mom and Dad are now divorced. Mom is remarried and her husband wants to adopt the child.

Example 2: Mom who was not married to the dad when they had their child. There’s a child custody or child support order for the child. Mom is married and her husband wants to adopt the child.

These are obviously two different scenarios and each will require completely separate stepparent adoption forms.

So this is why you cannot find a uniform set of stepparent adoption forms online to fill out in Nebraska. An attorney has to draft up the paperwork.

There’s a website out there that promises to give stepparent adoption forms. I do not know if they are legitimate or not. If you choose to go through another means like that, I would caution you to make sure that your paperwork is prepared correctly and legally.

In short, because the stepparent adoption process is the termination of a parent’s constitutional right to his/her child, it is really important the paperwork is prepared legally. This is why there is not a generic set of stepparent adoption forms available in Nebraska.

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