Ready To Start Your Private Adoption? Do This First!


Now that you have finally decided to grow your family through adopting a baby, what is the first step you need to take?


The first step you should take after you decide to grow your family through adopting a baby is completing your home study. A home study is an investigation that is completed on your family to approve you as an adoptive family. The investigation is very extensive and covers background checks, family history including medical, social and educational history.

The way to start the process of completing your home study depends on whether you will pursue a private adoption or an agency adoption. If you decide to work with an agency for your adoption, the agency will complete the home study for you. If you choose to work with an attorney for your adoption (private adoption), there are licensed agencies in Nebraska who complete adoption home studies that you can choose from. One such agency is Adoption Consultants, Inc.

I cannot stress enough the importance of completing your home study. You cannot adopt a child without an approved home study. This process can take a few months to complete, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible so you can officially start the matching process.

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