Private Adoption vs. Agency Adoption


What is the difference between a private adoption and an agency adoption?

A private adoption occurs when you hire an adoption attorney to help you through the process of adopting a newborn baby.

An agency adoption occurs when you hire a licensed adoption agency to help you through the process of being matched with a biological mother and adopting the newborn baby.

Which option is best?

The answer entirely depends on your comfort level and your budget. An agency adoption may cost you a little bit more than a private adoption because the agency offers you more services than an adoption attorney can provide for you. An agency will typically do your home study and advertise your family profile to biological moms who are looking into adoption.

An adoption attorney can help you finalize your adoption, receive the relinquishment paperwork from the biological mother and father and do the necessary paperwork if the baby is born out of state. But an adoption attorney cannot help you advertise your profile, or complete your home study.

Whether you choose an agency or an adoption attorney to go through the process of adoption, you will always need an adoption attorney to help you finalize the adoption after the baby is placed in your home. Some agencies have attorneys on staff who finalize the adoptions in court, others have a list of attorneys they refer you to. So you will need an adoption attorney either way.

If you decide to hire an agency, make sure you research the agency well and ask a lot of questions. If you decide to hire an adoption attorney, make sure that the attorney is experienced in adoptions so you can set yourself up for success.

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