Adult Adoptions

Yes! You can adopt an adult in Nebraska. If you have procrastinated on adopting your stepchild and he/she is now 19 years of age or older, it’s not too late!

If you do not complete the adoption, he/she (or his/her children) will not be able to inherit from you when you pass away. Do not take that chance.

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International RE- Adoptions

Once you have brought your child home from a foreign country, it is recommended that you “re-adopt” that child in Nebraska. In some cases, the international adoption will not be finalized until the child is first adopted in Nebraska.

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Foster Care Adoptions

Is adoption the permanency plan for your foster child? And do you desire to adopt your foster child?

At Bundy Law, we assist foster parents in adopting their foster children.

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kinship/relative Adoptions

If you’ve been caring for your family member who is a minor child for some time, it may be time to consider adoption. 

Adopting your minor child relative will give you the legal right to make important decisions on that child’s behalf.

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