How to save money on your adoption

Most people think that a family law attorney does adoptions because well…isn’t adoption part of “family law”?

Well, this is the thing: Adoption is part of “family law” because it’s about families, but practically speaking, that’s not how it actually works when you get out in the real world.

The reality is that “family law” is actually heavily focused on divorces, child custody and child support issues. When I was in law school, we only spent one class on adoptions during an entire semester of my family law course…One class! The entire semester was focused on how to do a divorce.

As I started helping families grow through adoption, I learned from many of them that they had first gone to family law attorneys for their adoption and found out later that those attorneys couldn’t help them. I had one particular client who spent over $10,000 on three different family law attorneys to try to finalize her stepparent adoption before she found my law office. I completed her stepparent adoption in 4 months.

Another client was told by their family law attorney that adult adoptions couldn’t be done in Nebraska. I completed their adult adoptions in about 5 months.

Unfortunately, I wish that these two stories were the exception, but they are actually the most common situations that I see.

So how can you save money on your adoption? Make sure that you find an experienced adoption attorney, or if you still choose to use a family law attorney, make sure that he/she has done adoptions before.

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