How to choose an adoption attorney

If you are considering pursuing any type of adoption, whether it’s a stepparent adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption, relative adoption, adult adoption or a foster care adoption, I highly recommend that you speak with an experienced adoption attorney. Adoptions can be complicated and you will need to hire an attorney who has navigated the changing waters of adoption law and is able to guide you through the legal process.

I have helped many clients who originally pursued their stepparent adoption through a family lawyer. The family lawyer only had experience with divorce, custody, and child support law and had no experience in adoptions. After spending a lot of money and going nowhere with the stepparent adoption process, the clients found my office and I was able to help them finalize the adoption in a matter of months.

Before choosing an attorney to assist you with your adoption matter, you will want to gather information about their specific practice areas and find out specifically how many adoptions they have successfully completed and what types of adoptions they have completed in the past. The answers to those questions will give you more clarity about which attorney will best be able to assist you with your adoption matter.

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