How to adopt your stepchild (part III)

In Part II, I discussed one of the most important steps in a stepparent adoption – Notifying the absent non-custodial parent of the adoption. There are some exceptions to this, but you will need to speak with an experienced adoption attorney regarding your specific situation.

After the biological father is notified of the adoption, he may need to agree to the adoption depending on the type of father the law sees him as. Nebraska law treats biological fathers differently depending on several factors which I will discuss more in detail in another blog post.

Once the biological father or mother agrees to the adoption and signs the required adoption papers, then you are free to finalize the adoption of your stepchild before a judge. The stepfather/mother must undergo background checks.

Although this is the general flow of a stepparent adoption, every situation is different and could require several more steps to ensure that all the appropriate legal action has been taken to finalize the adoption correctly.

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