How Long Does It Take To Prepare Your Estate Plan?


Are you ready to start your estate plan, but wondering how much time it will take to prepare all of the documents needed?

The process to complete your estate plan documents is quicker and easier than you think. Here are the steps needed:

Step 1: Decide What You Want

The first step is all about you deciding what you would like your estate plan to look like. Do you want to prepare a Will and Powers of Attorneys? Are you thinking about creating a Trust as well? You will need to decide who you would want to care for your young children when you pass away, and how you would like your estate divided.

Step 2: Call Your Attorney

The second step you need to take is meet with your attorney and let them know what you’d like to do with your estate. Your attorney will need to know what property you own, how you want your property divided when you pass away, who you’d like your property distributed to, and who you would like to nominate as the legal guardian for your minor children.

Step 3: Prepare Your Estate Plan Documents

The third step after you meet with your attorney is that he/she will prepare your estate plan documents according to your wishes.

Step 4: Review And Sign Your Estate Plan Documents

Once the estate plan documents are completed, you will need to review them to ensure accuracy and sign them. All of the documents must be notarized. Your attorney will direct you on how to sign each document properly.

The first step takes the longest time because it requires you to think about how you would like your estate to be divided. The other three steps take the last amount of time. From the time you call your attorney to the time you receive your documents should not take more than a week unless your estate plan is very complicated.

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