How long does it take to adopt a child?

The length of time it takes to a adopt a child depends on the type of adoption that you are thinking about pursuing to enlarge your family. A stepparent adoption occurs when a stepparent adopts the child of his/her spouse. Most people who come to my office ask how long it will take to adopt their stepchild. The length of a stepparent adoption depends on a number of factors which include, but is not limited to, whether the absent biological parent is willing to consent to the adoption or not, or whether the absent biological parent can be found. If the absent biological parent is contesting the adoption, it could lengthen the process significantly. If the absent biological parent is not contesting the stepparent adoption, it could take as little as a few weeks to complete the process.

A domestic adoption is one that is done in the United States. It’s length depends on whether it is being completed in Nebraska or out of state. Some factors that influence how long it takes to adopt a child domestically includes whether or not the birth mother changes her mind, whether or not the birth father can be found and is willing to consent to the adoption or not, whether you have to travel to the birth state of the child and a host of other factors. For more information on the how long a domestic adoption can take, check out Rachel’s video here.

An international adoption occurs when a child is adopted out of the United States. This typically occurs through a licensed adoption agency. An international adoption can take several years depending on the laws of the child’s country of birth. For more information on international adoptions, check out Katja’s video here in which she explains her experience with the international adoption of her three children.

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