Helping you care for your loved ones

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Are you caring for your elderly parents? Is your loved one, although an adult, unable to care for himself?

We help you care for your loved ones by setting up legal guardianships and/or conservatorships. Through a legal guardianship, you are able to make important decisions for your loved one such as housing, medical, finances, education etc…

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If you don’t, you will not be able to make important decisions for your loved one such as housing, medical, or educational decisions.
You may be able to avoid foster care for your vulnerable young family members.

Your Guardianship Process

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Step 2

create your personalized adoption plan

Step 3

FINALIZE YOUR ADOPTION and become the legal mom and dad

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Ms. Bundy was hired as our attorney for a guardianship case….She genuinely cares.


Ms. Bundy was the attorney who got me guardianship of my 2 special needs daughters..She was very professional…[and] passionate about her work.

Common Questions about Guardianships

Is guardianship the same thing as a Power of Attorney?

No.  A legal guardianship essentially allows you to make important decisions on behalf of the person you are the guardian for.  Think of it as being their parent.  

A power of attorney is part of an estate plan and is a document by which you give someone else the power to make medical decisions for you and/or financial decisions for you. 

How Much Does a Guardianship Cost?

It depends on the type of guardianship you are need.  Sometimes, an emergency guardianship is needed to keep a loved one safe.  This usually costs more.  An average guardianship that will not be fought by other family members can cost from $1,200 on up depending on the attorney you choose to hire.