Cost of Stepparent Adoption

The number one question I get asked when folks call my law office regarding a step-parent adoption is (drum roll please):

How Much Does it Cost to do a Step-parent adoption?

Sometimes, these folks have already called a couple of law offices before calling mine and have already received several quotes. Other times, they have received a quote from well-meaning people in their circle of influence.

The price that a lawyer in Nebraska charges to complete a step-parent adoption varies from law office to law office, from case to case, and from city to city. At Bundy Law, the average cost for an uncontested Step-parent adoption of one child is a flat fee of $2,500. Uncontested means that the absent/noncustodial biological parent (the parent who does not have the child in his/her custody) is willing to consent to the step-parent adoption and sign the relinquishment papers needed for the adoption. If the absent/noncustodial biological parent is NOT willing to do the above, and will object to the adoption, the cost for the step-parent adoption can range somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the facts of the case.

My law office is unique in that we provide the option of a payment plan to all of our clients. All of my clients have been very happy with this option as it has allowed them to adopt their step-child based on their budget.

A step-parent adoption can often be more complex than most people realize. It is impossible to give any sound legal advice or quote without an initial consultation where we can learn all the particular facts of your case.

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