Lucrece Bundy, esq.
April 29, 2022

The Secret to Adopting Successfully Within a Year

If you’re watching this, you’re probably thinking I want to adopt a child. But how do I do it successfully? So starting the adoption process is half the battle. But adopting successfully is a whole other story, right? I wanted to make this video because I’ve talked to you a lot about adoptions, tips on… Continue reading The Secret to Adopting Successfully Within a Year

Lucrece Bundy, esq.
August 31, 2021

3 Reasons to NOT Do Your Adoption Home Study First

I’m sure you’ve heard from other parents or even from an agency that your first step in your adoption process is your home study.

Lucrece Bundy, esq.
September 2, 2020

6 Ways To Fund Your Adoption

WORK WITH ME A lot of families I talk to are shocked when they hear about the price of adoption, but what they don’t realize is that they...

Lucrece Bundy, esq.
September 28, 2018

How to choose an adoption attorney

If you are considering pursuing any type of adoption, whether it’s a stepparent adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption,...

Lucrece Bundy, esq.
October 27, 2017

6 things an Expectant Mother should know if she is considering adoption

Do you wonder whether having an adoption attorney is really necessary? After all, you may already have a caseworker through an adoption...