Can My Fiance Adopt My Kid?


Oftentimes, as families are excited about becoming a unit, they are thinking about the welfare of their children and the positive impact of a stepparent adoption.

One of the questions that are usually asked is “Can my fiance adopt my child?”

Nebraska does not allow stepparent adoptions when you are engaged. Why? Because the state is looking for a stable home for the child to be adopted into. Stability usually means a marriage with two individuals who are dedicated to the care and welfare of the child.

In addition, adoption while you are engaged is very different than adoption after marriage. While you are engaged, you are still the single parent for that child. So if you choose this option, you are essentially agreeing to terminating your legal rights to your child so your fiance can adopt him/her.

See the difference?

I commend every individual who is thinking about stepparent adoption because it is a wonderful thing to do and gives the child stability.

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