Average Cost of a Will And Trust


The cost of an estate plan in Nebraska varies greatly depending on how much property you own.

If you own a farm, or a few businesses and/or rental properties, your estate plan will cost more than the person who doesn’t own any of those things.

The cost of your estate plan will also greatly depend on what you want your estate plan to look like. If your estate plan is complicated, it will cost you more to prepare it. If it’s not complicated, it will cost you less to prepare it.

The Average Cost of A Will

If you are looking to prepare the three basic documents that I talked about in my blog here, you can expect the average cost of those to be a few hundred dollars depending on whether the documents will be prepared for an individual or a married couple.

The Average Cost of A Trust

If you are looking to prepare a Trust in addition to your Will, your two Power of Attorneys and your Living Wills, the average cost can be up to $1,000 for a married couple for this Trust package.

Because estate plans are tailored to each individual, the cost greatly varies depending on the documents you want to prepare. A Will will cost a little over $100 for one individual versus the cost of a Trust package for a couple which can be up to $1,000. Keep in mind that costs differ from law firm to law firm.

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