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I help families adopt children so they have peace of mind, stability, and security for their children’s future.

Join The Hundreds of Families In Nebraska Who Have Successfully Given Their children Security With Adoption For Their Families’ Stability And Unity 


Our most common clients are:

Highly committed families looking to complete their adoptions who understand the importance of it

Parents ready to grow their families through adoption of a newborn baby

Parents who need to re-adopt their child who was adopted internationally

Stepparents looking to adopt their minor stepchild or adult stepchild

Legal guardians who would like to adopt their grandchild, niece/nephew etc…

Foster parents adopting their foster child

Clients typically come to us when they’re looking to start their adoption but don’t know how to, or have been through many family lawyers who took their money and was not able to complete the adoption for them.

​Do any of those issues sound familiar to you?

​Join over 200+ Nebraska families who have trusted me with their adoption.


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