6 things an Expectant Mother should know if she is considering adoption

Do you wonder whether having an adoption attorney is really necessary? After all, you may already have a caseworker through an adoption agency and a counselor helping you process this decision.

A legal aide can be invaluable through the process. Your adoption attorney is another team member on your side whose role is to ensure that your rights are protected, no matter what choice you ultimately make after your child is born.

Here is what I would like an expectant mother to know if she is considering adoption:

1. You and your rights will always be respected and protected during your adoption process.

Be reassured that everyone involved in the adoption (the adoptive family, the social workers, the lawyers and the judge) respects and admires you and your very brave decision.

2. How much adoption financial assistance you receive will depend on several factors.

Payment of your living expenses by the adoptive family is legal in Nebraska. However, the amount varies depending on your particular circumstances. The state and county where the adoption is filed will partly determine the acceptable reimbursable budget for your living expenses.

3. In Nebraska, your consent to the adoption is final and cannot be revoked.

You cannot withdraw your consent to the adoption once you sign the relinquishment paperwork. In Nebraska, you cannot be asked to sign your consent to adoption until at least 48 hours after your child is born. Your attorney will help you understand the details of the relinquishment and consent paperwork.

4. Your adoption attorney needs to know the whole truth about your baby’s birth father.

It is crucial that you tell your attorney the whole truth about your baby’s birth father whether you like him or not. He has rights too, and the whole adoption could be annulled if he is not properly notified of the adoption before it is completed. Depending on the circumstances, his parental rights can be terminated if he tries to fight the adoption.

5. Your adoption attorney’s services will be absolutely free of cost to you

Your adoptive family will be responsible to pay for your attorney’s fees. So this means you get a free lawyer!

6. You can always talk to someone if you are re-considering your choice.

If you are re-considering your initial choice to place your child for adoption, talk with your social worker or other professional about how you’re feeling. They will help you process your emotions. You don’t ever have to worry about letting the adoptive family down if you change your mind. You can change your mind anytime before you sign the consent to adoption.

An experienced Adoption Attorney will prove to be an invaluable resource to you as you navigate the process of adoption.

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