3 Reasons To Complete Your Stepparent Adoption

3 Reasons To Complete Your Stepparent



Why you should do a step parent adoption? Why even bother if your family is doing well? You haven’t heard from the absent parent in years. There’s no contact. Everything is fine. Why should you bother going through the process of doing a stepparent adoption? Well, the very first reason why is because it brings legal security to your family. And what I mean by that is that right now that stepparent has absolutely no legal say over that child. So that means that if you die, or if something happens to you, you end up at the hospital, your spouse cannot make any legal decisions for your child whatsoever. They can’t take him to the doctor. They can’t take him to school and register him for school. They can take him to the, they literally can’t do anything.


They can’t decide religious issues for them, nothing. They cannot have any legal say over that child. So that’s the number one reason why you should get a step on adoption done to allow your spouse, to have legal say over that child. And to make decisions on behalf of the child, if something was to happen to you. The second reason why it’s so important is because it gives the child a sense of belonging into the family. Because most likely your child doesn’t have the same last name as you, right? Once you got married, maybe you changed your last name, maybe you didn’t. But if your child doesn’t have the same last name at all of you, a lot of times the children feel like they don’t really belong in the family because their name is different. And it’s a really big deal.


This sounds like, gosh, it’s just the name, but it’s a big deal for a child that they feel that sense of belonging. That they feel “I belong in this family because my last name is the same as all of them”. So that’s the number two reason to make sure that your child feels like they belong into your family and the third reason that I would say, why you should do a stepparent adoption is to give your child security, so that they don’t ever have to worry about what happens if the other dad or the other parent just shows up out of nowhere and now wants to have visitation in custody. And this child has never seen them. What do you do then? Well, if you do a separate adoption, you completely eliminate the probability of that happening. And what you’re doing is that you are in that child’s future. So that if something was to happen to you, they will stay with your spouse, with somebody that you trust with somebody who has raised them all these years. So those are the three main reasons why you should get your stepparent adoption done.

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