stepparent adoptions

We specialize in helping those who already get all the hugs and kisses receive the legal status they deserve.

Why Stepparent Adoption?

Because it represents more than just a “piece of paper”


Have peace of mind knowing that your child’s future is secure if something should happen to you.


Give your spouse the gift of legal recognition for who they already are – a loving parent.


Build a stronger family bond and identity where everyone shares the same last name.

about Lucrece H.Bundy, esq

As a licensed Adoption Attorney in Nebraska and lowa, I have finalized over 100 adoptions. I’m interested in your family and how I can help.



Navigating Your Family's Legal Journey: Our Practice Areas and Your Path Forward

Comprehensive Expertise Tailored to Your Family’s Needs


Recognizing the profound significance of adoption, we stand as advocates for the rights of families and children, ensuring that every step of the journey is marked by compassion, care, and the unwavering commitment to creating lasting bonds.

Wills and Trusts

Most people do not believe they need a Will or a Power of Attorney, or simply don’t know much about them until a tragic incident happens in their family. It is sometimes too late at that point. The consequences of not having a will hurt your family members more than you can imagine.


We understand that it’s more than going to the courtroom and having an official guardianship paper. It’s about being your brother’s keeper, taking care of your family when they need you most. We help you set up guardianships for your loved ones.

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